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Who We Are
Meet Our Head Coaches

Julia Alexan

Founder of Flip Inverted Arts Academy (FIAA), and gymnast from United States, Julia has always loved gymnastics since the age of 7. In the states, she practiced gymnastics up to the age of 18 and entered Dance Drill Team where she travelled and competed with the team. Winning first place in the National Miss Drill Team USA competition, it is her passion to continue combining gymnastics and dance until today. She also studied salsa latin dance for over 15 years with the biggest names from Los Angeles and abroad. Picking up yoga, she earned her 200 RYT certificate in India and is now a student at KPJAYI under Sharath Jois. She continually trains in Calisthenics and is a WCO Certified Level 1 & 2 trainer. She is one of the first women selected to compete in Egypt's first Ninja Warriors in Arabic competition. She has successfully pushed the boundaries of many who initially thought they could never be flexible or fit or flip. When not at work, she enjoys anything upside down, from handstands to parkour & freerunning to roller coasters.

Abdel Rahman

My name is Abdel Rahman, a fitness enthusiast more specifically bodyweight exercises aka Calisthenics. The way one can use his own bodyweight as a very accessible tool for fitness has astonished me, especially how people can get the "body of their dreams" without stepping a foot into the gym. That is why I started incorporating Calisthenics workouts into my daily routine 4 years ago. A year in, I discovered the very aesthetically pleasing skill the Handstand. Peacticed it, read about it, watched tons of videos and listened to podcasts about its history and origins. To me and to a great deal of practitioners (handbalancers) it is a form of art that needs dedication, and is more of the journey rather than an end goal. One of its great benefits the cannot be overlooked is that it makes instagram perfect pictures ;)

Farida Zaher

Farida was born into a family line of gymnastic champions. She started competing for Gezira Sporting Club at the age of 4 and won many championships in rhythmic gymnastics throughout her gymnastics career. She now heads recreational rhythmic gymnastics at Flip and has a special way of getting the best out of kids so they enjoy working hard to gain new skills. When she's not training, you can catch her catching a wave on her surfboard or designing custom lighting for homes and businesses.

Yara Shazly

Yara trained and competed in artistic gymnastics for over 10 years, starting at the age of 4 in Shooting Sports Club. She has been training for Flip for over a year and is talented in encouraging kids, rewarding them at the end of training for a job well done. Yara has a vast background of other playing other sports as well, such as Taekwondo, Calisthenics, Parkour and Crossfit. She is an IFPA Certified Personal Trainer. When she's not training herself or clients, you can find her teaching French.

Ali Youssef

Ali started in gymnastics at Gezira club at the age of 4 and trained with the team for 8 years. After gymnastics he started practicing many sports including parkour with Parkour Egypt and calisthenics. More recently he has begun teaching to share his passion of Parkour, Freerunning and Calisthenics. When he’s not busy training kids, Ali likes to spend his leisure time wind surfing, slack lining and playing squash.

Yehia Youssef

Yehia trained and competed in gymnastics for over 10 years, starting at the age of 7 in Gezira Sporting Club. His favorite apparatus is the parallel bars, in which he won 4 medals: 2 gold and 2 silver in 4 consecutive years. A multi-sport athlete, Yehia made it to the Egyptian National Team for fencing. He completed his degree in construction engineering from Cairo University and is now working as a gymnastics intsructor. He has previously worked at the Little Gym and Leep fitness center and now with Flip Inverted Arts Academy. His favorite gymnastics move is the handstand because he likes to see the world upsidedown.