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Get Flippin Flexible
Flexibility Flow
flexibility course
Freedom of Movement
Increased Mobility is Flexibility + Strength
What will you learn?
Statics & Dynamics
static and dynamic flexibility
myofascial release
Myofascial Release
Flex Flow
flexibility flow
splits backbending flexibility
Applications of Flexibility
Who's Teaching?
Julia, head coach and founder of Flip, has 5 years of experience as a flexibility coach for top-ranked Men’s & Women’s Pro Squash athletes in the world, professional soccer & tennis athletes, and of course gymnasts. After completing practical & theroretical anatomy studies as well as yoga studies, she takes the best of gymnastics, dance, yoga and theraputics to implement a flexibility program to prevent & recover from injuries, increase sport-specific mobility, and increase overall relaxation & flexibility.
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What Equipment Do I Need?
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