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What Did I Miss Before?

We had a ton of fun at our first Spring Show in GSC, 6 October branch!

Stay tuned for pics coming soon!

We're now celebrating the Re-Grand Opening of our Maadi Branch at Steel Gym! Join us starting Monday, January 20th, 2020 @4:30 & @5:30pm every Monday & Wednesday!

Balance Your Mind 3 camp was a blast!! We had another super fun group and together we broke individual boundaries in fitness, handstands, yoga, parkour and more upside down success!! Don't miss the next one!

We'll be in Sahel again this year! Fri & Sat we'll host special flip sessions on the beach in diplo 3..don't miss it!

Join our Coolest Mom & Coolest Dad Jump Contest this Friday, June 14th, 2019 at Bounce in Cairo Festival Mall @2pm. Come learn an easy jump dequence that both parent and child can do synchronized on 2 side by side trampolines and win up 1000le in FREE training and prizes! Check our post on Insta for more info.

Balance Your Mind 2 camp is back after we had such a great time last year in Matarma Bay. Join us for another year of fitness, handstands, yoga and more upside down success!! You'll learn and practice handstands taken from a Calisthenics, Gymnastics and Yoga point of view so you can benefit from all techinques. Lots of fun, a great crowd and a beautiful place. Most of all don't miss our special guest instructor all the way from the United States, master of calisthenics, Marcelo Ortiz! @marceloortiz_